accounting team assessments


Your accounting team is the backbone of your business. A balanced, trained, and efficient accounting department is critical to producing the information you need to make smart strategic decisions.

Determining if your accounting staff is effective, current on the latest regulations, and knows how to support the needs of your business is a delicate matter and one that many companies put off until it becomes completely unmanageable (and even slightly out of control).

As objective experts, Golden Gait can step in and review your accounting department’s performance. We’ll assess the skills, abilities, and effectiveness of your existing team and put together a plan on improving performance or restructuring the team so it will better meet your company’s needs.

Could your team benefit from our services? Ask yourself:

  • Am I receiving timely and accurate accounting information and reports?
  • Do I have a budget, and is it a valuable management tool?
  • Do I understand actual costs in relation to my budget?
  • Is my cash flow comfortable?
  • Am I receiving complaints that paychecks that are incorrect or expense reports that are not processed or paid in a timely manner?
  • Are my project managers complaining that clients are not receiving their invoices on time or they do not have the information they need to effectively manage their projects?
  • Am I paying late fees on vendor invoices?
  • Is my accounting department serving the needs of the program managers, operations and executive management?

As part of our review, we will:

  • Evaluate if your accounting team has sufficient and appropriate skills and experience to execute their responsibilities; if not, we can provide the training
  • Ensure the right combination of positions and expertise that enables your accounting team to be highly productive
  • Determine if your department is properly structured to effectively serve your operational and accounting requirements
  • Ensure your team is as streamlined and functional as possible to meet your operational, reporting, and budget requirements

Put our extensive experience developing, organizing and managing small and large accounting departments to work for you. 

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