Accounting SystemS


As a startup founder or small business owner, you have limited time to spend on setting up and using your accounting system to its full potential – and you feel guilty about it every day.

  • When you hear “accounting system,” do you quickly change the subject?
  • Are you working with Quickbooks – but unsure of how to really use it?
  • Do you need someone to implement or manage a new system?

Don’t let accounting keep you up at night!

Whether you’re using Quickbooks or an alternative, Golden Gait will help you take advantage of the features, tools, and reports that can make a big difference for the successful growth of your business.

Of course, the support you need will vary based on your situation, but Golden Gait can:

  • Help you choose the right accounting system for your startup or small business
  • Train you and your team on the accounting system
  • Ensure transactional data is accurate
  • Produce the financial information you need to make smart decisions
  • Integrate your accounting system with other key systems such as timekeeping and expense reporting
  • Remediate your current system to ensure all information and processes are accurate and efficient

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can make a difference to your bottom line.