Accounting Support


Are you losing sleep at night because:

  • Your company has an impending audit that requires more preparation time than you have staff?
  • Your incurred cost submissions or other department projects are behind schedule?
  • Key accounting staff left with short notice at the worst possible time?

Start sleeping like a baby – Golden Gait will roll up our sleeves and dive in.

Our experienced team will start, assist, or complete any accounting or financial analysis project on your plate. We are adept at sorting through files, fixing issues that seem to have no end in sight, filling in when there are staffing challenges, and developing or organizing processes and procedures.

If your staff is simply buried in too many projects, we can provide supplemental staff to work on or finish projects, such as audit preparation (DCAA or financial statement), forward pricing models, and incurred cost submissions.

Need an interim CFO or Controller?

Whether an unexpected situation has popped up or you simply do not yet need a full-time CFO or Controller, Golden Gait can step in and provide big picture financial expertise and reliable, honest feedback and support

Find out how we can help get your accounting department back on track. 

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